Waterproof Envelopes

When you are sending important mail to a client, the last thing you want is for your envelope to become soaking wet from the rain and for your documents to get ruined.

As specialists in printed envelopes, we can also provide waterproof envelopes, which are also greaseproof and can be found in a range of designs.

These high quality envelopes are difficult to tear, so you can be assured that your mail will reach the sender in the best possible condition to uphold the reputation of your business.

We work with some of the most well-known brands in the UK, providing them with tailor made envelopes, designed to suit their individual requirements.

You may already have a design in mind, but if not, don’t worry as we can discuss this with you and work out what will be best for your business to achieve results.

We don’t expect you to make a decision straight away and are happy to provide samples, so you can get a good idea of what to expect from our designs.

You can get a free quotation via our website or if you would like to discuss your requirements, feel free to contact us on 01246 561 506.