Cardboard & Clear Plastic Desk Divider Screens, UK Manufacturer

In the ever-changing workplace environment, Envoprint have adapted their Sneeze Guards to be used as office desk dividers or partitions, to help prevent the spread of viruses like Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in offices, factories, universities, and schools. The desk screens are made from cardboard and recycled clear plastic (PET) or a more durable option manufactured from PVC. We have already designed and manufactured many different options to fit right into your current environment for a safe and easy return to office working, or provide protection for those already back in the office.

Recyclable, printable, lightweight, durable, protective – all to ensure you can keep providing the best service, and keep pulling in those sales!

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Personalised – Any Size – Any Shape

Bespoke to your requirements!

Here at Envoprint, we manufacture everything bespoke to order, so nothing needs to be a set standard, and we can design everything to ensure it fits exactly into your current workspace.  Simply state the desk sizes, quantities and if possible provide an office/desk plan, and we will do the rest!  Let us know any special requirements, and we will figure out exactly what you require. 

Key Benefits of the Desk Divider Sneeze Screens

  1. Firstly, these items are a low cost, simple item that can be made to any shape and size to ensure they fit your desk specifically – fully manufactured here in the UK, these guards are a necessity to help stop the spread of this virus.
  2. The window is made from an easy clean Recycled PET, a clear plastic material that can be wiped down regularly to ensure its surface is clean and coronavirus free!  The frame on the desk divider is manufactured from a Recyclable and Durable White PVC, or for a shorter-term budget option it would be White Corrugated Cardboard.
  3. Size – we can bespoke manufacture these in any size and shape if necessary, to ensure your staff and employees are fully protected, and the item can fit suitably into your current environment.
  4. Personalisation – fully designed, manufactured and printed here in the UK, we can offer full personalisation of your items, from corporate branding or to match your current interior design!
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