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Pets at home - a competitive crowded retail environment for any FSDU The Challenge

Pets at Home, ‘the UK’s largest pet shop’, offer any shopper a wide range of options to choose from for any particular item they may need. The brief was to design a bespoke FSDU Cardboard Display Stand to help a smaller brand owner gain access into a big retail chain, if you need ideas for a counter display we can advise on this also.

Our client, White Python, had a premium range of branded reptile care products on offer in Pets at Home stores. However there was nothing to stop the White Python products being tucked away on the bottom shelf and a competitor’s brand being prominently displayed at eye level.

Strict store layout controls also restrict the use of point of sales display, making it difficult to use anything other than the product packaging to grab the attention of passing shoppers.  And for these premium products, bright gaudy box colours weren’t an option.

The Client’s Display Stand Needs

Our client rightly decided that a cardboard display stand would pull their full range together and deliver a powerful POS display message.  With a bespoke off fixture display stand, they could ensure their products would be displayed consistently in every store.  Better still, the stand would either be positioned at an aisle end which is prime space, or else would stick out into an aisle, grabbing the attention of anyone passing by.

Our Approach

Initially, Envoprint was just 1 of several potential manufacturers that our client approached, including some far Eastern manufacturers.

An experienced Envoprint consultant listened carefully to the client’s requirements over the phone, turning the client’s initial concepts into a workable solution in line with both the White Python brand image and their budget constraints.

Envoprint then quickly became their chosen supplier because of experience of working with major retail chains, and our passion for coming up with something really stunning and totally bespoke.

We then went away and built a fully printed mock-up sample of the joint concept we had come up with, and visited the White Python to check they were happy with the result.  This resulted in a few minor changes and a very impressed client.  Using samples of the products we also fully weight tested each shelf and euro-hook, further engineering the card where necessary to support the heavier items and ensure a long-lasting stand.

The Crucial Test

Our client then visited Pets at Home with the mock up, and they agreed the stand could be accepted in their stores!   However in spite of the special retail-conscious design, they did have a number of amends required.  Envoprint’s design team rose to the challenge, quickly producing a 3D visual of a new design.

In particular we had to narrow the stand down to a very slim depth of 20cm, which involved a lot of stability testing and optional wall hooks to meet the stores requirements.  One of the many challenges we encountered was the need for an extra-high mop-tray round the base in case visiting pets in the stores decided to pee against the stand!


Over 50 White Python branded stands can only cement White Python’s position as a brand-leader within the reptile market.  Images of brightly coloured reptiles, partly protruding beyond the edge of the rectangular stand grab the attention of passing customers, and then the predominantly black and white theme provides a quality backdrop against which to display this premium range.

A Happy Customer

Chris Jones, the director at White Python said “The installation of 50 cardboard display stands into Pets at Home stores gave us a fantastic introduction to the wider pet market, creating brand awareness and interest from a range of new customers whom we’d have never expected to hear from. We are very thankful to the Envoprint team for working with us on the design, helping us achieve this!”

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