Cardboard Trade Show Display: Big Ben

Cardboard Exhibition Displays

Cardboard Big Ben, Cardboard London Eye, and other cardboard exhibition displays

The Envoprint design team are privileged to be working this week on another challenging cardboard exhibition display stand.  This time the project is life-size (well nearly!) cardboard scaled models of various London landmarks.  So far we have created a Big Ben, London Eye, and 4 interactive shop fronts,  with more landmarks possibly to follow soon!

Here are some early pictures to share with you, follow us on social media or return in a few weeks for the next update:

Cardboard Exhibition Display early design concepts
Early design concept visuals – the easy bit…


Cardboard Big Ben Display Unit
Looking Up…



Cardboard Big Ben!
Big Ben Prototype #1!
Cardboard Big Ben under construction - how to make a cardboard Big Ben
Cardboard Big Ben under construction…


Cardboard Big Ben and London Eye Cardboard Exhibition Display Stand
Cardboard Big Ben and the start of the London Eye
Cardboard London Eye close up
Cardboard London Eye under construction

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