Counter Top Display Units

Do you want to promote your product on a crowded shelf or counter? We build bespoke and customisable cardboard counter top display units (CDUs) for this exact purpose.

Do you need to boost sales of a particular product? Or want the ultimate presentation for a new product? A cardboard display stand as either a CDU or FSDU (free-standing) is the perfect way to promote impulse buying, as well as showcasing your brand consistently in a retail environment.

Our design team will be delighted to help you create and optimise a CDU for your exact needs, please just call us on 01246 561506 to start the exciting process to your own bespoke POS or request free samples.

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Stepped Counter Display Units

As shown on some of the images below, stepped display units present your product attractively on multiple height rows. Perfect as counter display units.

Whilst a little more challenging to design and manufacture than flat-based counter top display units, the increased exposure of your products is generally worth the extra cost, especially when multiple product lines are displayed in 1 unit.

Our design team will take your concept for a cardboard display stand, whether it is a professional 3D visual, or a simple hand-drawn sketch, or even just a verbal outline of what products need to be displayed; and then work out the most practical and cost-effective way to construct the stand.

Aspects such as the weight of your products, the stability of the unit, how long it needs to last in-store and what materials we can afford to use within your budget will be considered as we work on your design.

We can also advise on visual improvements and come up with a cardboard display stand that really gets your products noticed!

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