Counter Top Display Units

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‘Stepped’ CDUs

  • Multiple Levels
  • Ascending as they move backwards
  • Heights can be varied
  • Compartments can be varied
  • Full print to body, header, and insert

Fully Bespoke/Premium CDUs

  • For higher-end units
  • Higher pricing
  • Insert foam
  • Board
  • Full Print
  • Shaped header
  • Specialist (card holder, tablet holder, etc.). This can be done to suit all styles of CDU as an option
Counter Top Display Units (CDUs) Range 1

Counter Top Display Units (CDUs) are compact retail display stands designed to sit on the shop counter – or a flat surface at worktop height near the checkout. They are much smaller than FSDUs which are designed to sit on the floor.  Made from recycled cardboard and other materials, and printed with graphics to suit your brand, Envoprint’s range of CDUs offer robust eye-catching display options, in a range of efficient designs. The 3 most common design styles are Standard, Stepped and Shelved, but each one is bespoke designed, printed and CNC cut at our central UK manufacturing centre.

‘Standard’ CDUs

  • Single Level
  • Most cost-effective
  • Full body and header print
Counter Top Display Units (CDUs) Range 2

‘Shelved’ CDUs

  • More expensive than standard or tiered
  • Miniature FSDU
  • Lower weight capacity
  • Print to the exterior as standard
  • Interior and shelves can be printed if required
Counter Top Display Units (CDUs) Range 3

Popular Materials

  • Acrylic Screen – Recyclable In Some Areas
  • Polypropylene – Recyclable In Some Areas
  • PVC Body – Recyclable In Some Areas
  • Board Body – 100% Eco-Friendly

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