Bike Parts Display Stand In Cardboard

FSDU Design In 4 Easy Steps

1. Start with a blank sheet of paper and the product you would like to promote on your FSDU display unit or Point of Sale Display Stand.

2. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea as preferred!), and do some dreaming…

Think around the following:

What budget have I got for these stands? If the stand is offering items for sale, it may help to add up the value of the items on the FSDU display stand and estimate the profit per month you hope to achieve from this ‘unpaid salesman’, this may tell you the maximum price you can pay for your point of sale display stand.

Who am I trying to attract? What does my target audience look like? How do they tick? What appeals to them? What are they likely to notice?

Look at the size shape and colour of your product. Is there any way you can create a display unit that accentuates these features? g. if you’re selling jars of honey, could the stand be hexagonal? Remember that if your POS display doesn’t stand out enough to be noticed, it’s a waste of space… If you’re stuck at this point, contact us who have a creative design team working on FSDU Design projects every day.


Where are my displays going to be situated? g. in a large lobby area, near the tills, mid-aisle, aisle-end, etc…? Are there any size restrictions? How smart or striking does my FSDU stand have to be to be a cut above the surrounding POS displays? How much wear and tear will my floor standing display unit receive? Does it need protection from moisture with a mop tray and/or lamination? Does it need to be ultra-stable if people are coming in contact with it? Will it be viewed from all angles? Can it be attached to a wall with wall brackets?

How durable does the floor-standing display unit need to be? Can it be made of strong corrugated cardboard, or will stronger or tougher substances such as foamex, wood, honeycomb board, etc, be needed for all or part of the construction? How long does it need to last to pay for itself – weeks/months/years?

3. Note down the key points as you brainstorm through the above. Draw sketches of the point of sale display stand ideas, and the areas they will be situated, to help you visualise your ideas. You can even draw sketches of the people you are trying to attract to the display if you wish!

4. It will help if you can include others in your brainstorming as a team discussion often produces excellent new ideas that none of the individual members could have thought up on their own.

Or alternatively contact a free-standing display unit designer/manufacturer such as Envoprint who will both enhance your ideas and also advise what ideas are feasible to produce within your budgets, and create interactive 3D visuals or physical prototypes showing you exactly how your FSDU design ideas would look in reality.

Click here to watch a video of an FSDU design project in action!  Or click here to learn more about FSDU Design.

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