Bespoke Donation Envelopes

Here at Envoprint, we supply a large range of printed Gift Aid Envelopes and printed Donation Envelopes to help with fundraising and regular giving programs. Our clients include Churches, Hospices, Trusts, Hospital Trusts, and many nationwide charities.

Our gift aid envelopes can be printed up to 4 colour, some have the option of a perforated tear-off form (bangtail envelopes).

Do you need to maximise your incoming donations? Struggling with a messy document trail?  Do you need help and advice on which to choose? We can also produce other fundraising items from paper and card such as donation boxes.

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Our helpful advisors will quickly lead you to the best option for your particular needs, based on your required volumes, budget restraints, and specific usage.

Gift Aid + GDPR Compliance Advice

Our experienced design team will help you incorporate the correct gift aid wording into your donation envelope design, and will help to ensure your charity envelopes are GDPR compliant.

It is very important that you make the right choice in donation envelopes, to give the impression to potential donors that your charity is a worthy cause. In order to make the most of all donations, you can maximise Gift Aid by using our gift aid envelopes. We can help you design a clear, easy to use gift aid donation form to go on your envelope.  This will incorporate the most up to date gift aid wording as advised by HMRC.

Is there any difference between a Gift Aid Envelope and a Donation Envelope?

No, both terms basically refer to the same thing.  Strictly speaking, a gift aid envelope needs to have the latest HMRC-approved gift-aid wording on there, whereas a donation envelope doesn’t necessarily have this section. However, virtually every ‘donation envelope’ we print has the gift aid wording printed onto it somewhere.  For details on the latest government gift aid wording suggestions, please see the HMRC website.

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Different types of printed Gift Aid Envelopes

Bangtail envelopes with an extended back panel as a tear-off form are ideal if you expect your donors to fill in their card details.  Few people want these displayed on the exterior of the envelope, so having a perforated tear-off section to go within the envelope will greatly boost donations.  For some applications a dual wallet envelope is more suitable, a wallet envelope with a perforation that splits the envelope into 2 smaller ones.

We work with all kinds of charity envelopes and know the pros and cons of each.  Some, for example bangflap envelopes, are more suitable for small print runs.  Others, for example bespoke bangtail envelopes, are most cost effective for larger runs of 5000+.  For more information, contact us with your requirements and we will put together a quote for the work needed. Alternatively call 01246 561 500 and chat to one of our team who will happily talk you through the process.

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