What Is A Dump Bin?

Whilst ‘dump bins’ is a well-known term in the point of sale and display merchandising industry, the term is very confusing the first time you hear it! We supply a range of completely bespoke dump bins that are made in-house at our factory to your exact specifications and colours.

Please see our glossary of terms for the ‘dictionary definition’, or read on to learn more about retail cardboard dump bins, including what they are used for, and where and when they are the right choice, compared with other forms of merchandise display.

For Retail

Retail Dump Bin
Prominent Isle Placement of Retail Dump Bin Display Unit on Pallet

Printed cardboard dump bins are a popular choice to display certain kinds of merchandise and also showcase your brand and message.

Essentially retail dump bins are a large open top box, sometimes with an open front or front cut-out too, and the product is ‘dumped’ loose inside.

They allow prominent placement within retail shops, garden centres and duty-free outlets with a fully branded surround so they have a huge printed area to advertise the goods inside. You can see 9 different completed projects images on this page; from Easter eggs to batteries.

Sometimes these are attached to pallets as shown below, and if so, are sometimes known as ‘pallet wrap stands’.

Dump Bin
Pallet Wrap Display Stand
Dump Bin
Tall thin retail dump bin examples for fluorescent tube lights
Dump Bins
Fully Printed Dump Bin for Public Venues
Dump Bins
Open-fronted display stand

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For Exhibitions And Trade Counters

Retail Dump Bins
Exhibition and Trade Counter Brochure Display Stand

Recycleable magazine dump bins make excellent brochure display units at exhibitions, and also can be used to display catalogues in a trade-counter environment, or free booklets or leaflets in a public venue.

The catalogues are stacked neatly at a convenient height, and a printed header attracts attention, provides information, and encourages people to pick up a copy. You can quickly and easily recycle these POS items.

Typically brochure display bins have a raised cardboard floor inside, allowing the magazines or brochures or catalogues to be accessed easily from around waist-height, even when nearly empty.

Fast Manufacture Process

We can produce our cardboard dump bins very quickly if you need us to; please enquire about our retailers and exhibitions company’s fast design, print and turn around service by calling 01246 561 500.

All our dump bins are custom made from eco-friendly cardboard with high definition print on all sides. This helps you to capture the attention of passing potential customers, and advertise a strong brand message for your catalogue. It means that they are 100% recyclable as well.

And as a practical and effective finishing touch, simply printing something like ‘All gone! Contact [your telephone number] to request your brochure’ or similar on the base of the internal compartment is handy should these brochure holders ever run out.

Dump Bins
Green Catalogue Dump Bin for exhibitions and trade counters
Dump Bins
Custom-made leaflet display with multiple compartments
Dump Bins
Matching set of Brochure Bin Displays

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