Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable padded bags

A companies stance on the environment is a key element in todays society – with businesses looking towards eco-friendly alternatives to many products, especially so in recyclable packaging.

That is why here at Envoprint we now offer 100% recyclable, eco-friendly padded bags in both White paper, or recycled Kraft/Manilla, which we can overprint with your branding, just like current non-recyclable alternatives.

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Any quantity – multiple sizes – great protection!

Here at Envoprint, we can overprint any quantity you desire, from a couple of hundred, to many thousands!  There are plenty of standard sizes available to suit your needs, or can manufacture bespoke sizes but minimum order quantities will apply. 

We can print in full colour to ensure your artwork stands out, which is key in the very competitive online markets of today!

The padding and protection from these eco-friendly padded bags is in no way reduced by the fact they are recyclable – they are still very durable, and provide great protection for any goods being sent by couriers around the globe.

Many options available

  • White Recyclable Plastic bubble bags
  • Corrugated paper padded bags – available in White, Manilla, Black, Red and Orange
  • Manilla honeycomb paper padded bags

All the above options can be overprinted with your artwork in the highest quality print!

Everyone needs to do their bit in reducing waste, and growing a more sustainable future.  By replacing current non-recyclable courier packaging with our range of branded packaging, you can shout out to your customers and competitors that you are doing your bit, and support the movement towards sustainability!

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