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This version is best for the environment and is also very economical. It is completely plastic-free, fully recyclable and very cost-effective. The downsides are that the shelf weight capacity is lower, the assembly time is a little longer, and it does not stand up to repeated dismantling as well as our other models. 

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Recycled and Recyclable

Like all Envoprint point-of-sale display stands, the EcoTab® cardboard display unit is built with FSC-sourced material, which contains recycled material. Recycling is simple, simply add it to your normal cardboard waste – it has no plastic components at all.


While these units can be made in almost any size, the most popular size for retail cardboard stands is 600 x 400 footprint, and 1170mm tall (not including the 300mm header. This particular size is also very efficient, reducing cardboard waste in production, so another reason why it is Eco-friendly.

Weight Capacity

The EcoTab® is built for low-medium loads, and each shelf is rated to take 3kg (at the most common 600 x 400mm size). The sides are made from either a double or triple-thickness cardboard to give it the required strength. For heavier loads, we recommend the SolidKlick® model or  StrongBar®

Profiled Header Board

This part is attached to the top of the stand and is usually 300mm high, and is cut to any shape or curve you require. Add style to make your point-of-sale display unit unique.

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Each unit is fully customisable to make your products stand out from the crowd. Speak with the Envoprint design team to find out how special features can be incorporated:

  • Special Shapes – circular, triangular, oval-profile, sloping
  • Special Sizes – each design is accurately built to your custom sizes.
  • Special Finishes – high-gloss, metallic, textured, fabric
  • Accessories – Hanging rails, Product Display Hooks, Shelf-edge Label Holders
  • Alternative materials – foam board, wood, acrylic
  • Special weight capacities
  • Mobile – if you need to be able to move a loaded stand
  • Shadow boards – bespoke cut shelf inserts to match the shape of your products

Ease of Assembly and Dismantling

As with all Envoprint cardboard display stands, ease of assembly is important, and the EcoTab® can be assembled in around 3-4 minutes. If your display is likely to be regularly dismantled and re-assembled, then the more-durable designs of SolidKlick and FastKlick may be more appropriate.


Ask about other finishing options, such as gloss, foil, fabric or metallic effects. Or utilise the full-colour printing on white board that comes as standard.

Capacity (per Shelf)*Build SpeedCost
EcoTab®3kg3 – 4 mins£
SolidKlick®7kg1 – 2 mins ££
FastKlick®7kg< 1 min£££
StrongBar®15kg1 – 2 mins££££

* Based on the popular 600 x 400mm shelf size.

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