free standing cardboard display units (FSDU)

FSDU Design

100% Custom-made free-standing cardboard display stands – to suit your needs, not ours.

Designed in-house to exactly fit your product’s dimensions and weight, to be visually impressive, and yet within your budget constraints.

Fast-turnaround of prototype samples, within 24hrs normally possible

Interactive 3D visuals to graphically illustrate the design concepts

Bespoke FSDUs, manufactured in-house in the UK

We have no standard cardboard display unit designs, instead, we tailor each stand to best promote your product or service.  

In-house UK manufacturing allows us to offer you ultra-fast turnaround times, and 100% quality control. 

You don’t have to wait several weeks for your shipment to arrive by sea from abroad, only to find it is not quite what you ordered…