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Free Standing Displays – Proving Their Value In Retail

We are creatures of habit when shopping and tend to repeatedly buy the brands that we trust but there’s a twist to this that marketeers are often taught as well: ‘We are emotional beings that are occasionally logical’.

So… based on the logical we would all be driving Hyundai cars because they have a good long warranty and low price ‘on-the-road’ right? You know this is wrong, there is a good deal of the emotional in our decisions to drive round in pink Fiat 500s or a sleek Mercedes!

Free Standing Displays

Free standing displays showcase a huge array of goods in showrooms, shops, and trade counter areas from tape measures to rodent bait, fish hooks, bike lamps, energy drinks, books, and brochures, Easter eggs and perfumes. Carefully located, an FSDU can produce an extra revenue stream for your outlet by optimising sales opportunities for the ‘emotional’ side of customers.

We’ve been designing and manufacturing free standing displays in eco-friendly cardboard with high quality print for years and can draw on our experience to help you win. It is truly amazing what visual statement can be made and how much can be packed into a small foot print!

We can build free standing displays that have lighting, hooks, pricing strips, luxury metallic reflective paper on board finish, tv screens and so on. We can include elements of Foamex and metal if needed and in fact we do not hold any stock designs, all are bespoke for each project.

Another point is to consider seasonal free standing displays – would any of your products sell especially well come Easter or Mother’s Day or Christmas? Why not consider pulling together a stand that takes advantage of this as we have many times before?

On costs of display stands, we can give you rough indications to help you in your decisions if it is only an idea at this stage or can give you a fully costed quote if you have a clear idea of what you need.

We can design practical and eye-catching FSDUs for just about anything – please do get in touch to discuss previous projects across industry and retail on 01246 561 500 or email:

Free Standing Displays
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