Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) are the ultimate way to strengthen your brand, boost your sales, and obtain prime retail position in major retailers.


FSDU Design

Our inventive in-house FSDU design team is what sets us apart.  We are the preferred choice for anyone wanting a totally unique custom-made cardboard display stand that really gets you noticed.  Choose from 5 different levels of FSDU design help.  We can complete the whole design process for you, or else we can simply assist in bringing your ideas to fruition.

Bespoke FSDUs, customised for you

We have no standard cardboard display unit designs, instead, we tailor each stand to best promote your product or service.  Whilst a custom FSDU may cost fractionally more than an off the shelf equivalent, the results pay for themselves many times over.  We work with most major brands and can share our expertise to help YOU reach your target audience effectively.


Let us know how we can help YOU with YOUR bespoke FSDU needs.