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FSDU Glossary of Terms

FSDU glossary of terms

The world of free standing display units is full of unique words and acronyms.  Most of these mean very little to the new or occasional visitor!

See below for definitions of the most common (and most confusing!) terms:


What does FSDU stand for?Foamex and Cardboard FSDU POS Display Unit

FSDU stands for Free Standing Display Unit or Floor Standing Display Unit.  The terms’ usage is fairly equal, however FREE standing display units is a slightly more common interpretation than FLOOR standing display units.  Typically FSDU refers to customised cardboard display units.  Occasionally, however, this term is used to refer to display stands made of other materials.  Other materials used include foamex stands, and general point of sale displays, as long as they are free-standing displays.


What does CDU stand for?Premium CDU with spot UV

This one is a little more clear-cut than FSDU, CDU stands for Countertop Display Unit.  Again, CDU normally refers to CARDBOARD countertop display units.  Occasionally, however, the term is also used for other table top display units such as Perspex display units.  Beware of other interpretations outside the world of cardboard display stands including Christian Democratic Union in German politics and Control Display Unit in the world of computers!  www.abbreviations.com/CDU actually lists no less than 38 definitions for CDU!!


What is a Pallet Wrap Display Stand?Pallet Wrap Display Stand

This is a very misleading term to someone not familiar with the point of sale industry.  It is nothing to do with the plastic shrink-wrap sold by the packaging industry!  Instead, it refers to a cardboard or correx FSDU display that fits onto a standard pallet.  This gives a highly mobile point-of-sale solution that is sometimes sent to the retailer fully-stocked and ready-to-go.  Also, a great option if you need a mobile display and your budget doesn’t allow display stands with wheels.


What is an Off-Fixture Display Unit?Off Fixture Display Unit

An off-fixture display is simply an FSDU or point-of-sale display that stands alone apart from the permanent display fixtures in the retail outlet, e.g. isle end stands, fill-in stands, or stand-alone foyer displays and lobby displays.  These are a great way to get access into major retailers, as competition for existing shelf space is high, but major retailers like Tesco, Asda, Boots, and Debenhams welcome any extra selling space you can offer them!


What is a Dump Bin?Cardboard Catalogue Dump Bin

The rather unglamorous term ‘Dump Bin’ is widely used to refer to an FSDU display stand that holds brochures or catalogues or products.  It is certainly nothing to do with a conventional bin!  Catalogue dump-bins are typically a high-capacity unit displaying a stack of promotional literature.  Catalogue dump-bins are not the same as literature display units, where smaller quantities of brochures are displayed in a more upright position.  Catalogue Dump Bins are commonly used at exhibitions and trade counters.

Product dump bins are typically a large fully-printed display box containing the product for sale.  Product dump bins are commonly found in large retailers.


What does POS and Point of Sale mean?POS Cardboard Cubes Display

POS stands for Point Of Sale. POS is any form of advertising in-store that sets out to encourage impulse purchases or increased level of purchases. The Point of Sale stand or display draws attention to the product.  Another common term that means the same thing is Point Of Purchase.


What is a Mop Tray?plastic mop tray

A mop-tray is a clear plastic tray that fits underneath an FSDU or floor-standing point of sale item to protect it from rising damp (and the cleaner’s mops)!  Normally only around 5cm high, occasionally higher mop-trays are recommended, particularly in environments where there are animals, such as vets waiting rooms or pet shops, to protect from other fluids!


Euro Hook ProngWhat is a Euro-hook?

A euro-hook is a standard-sized 2-prong hook that loops round at the end, designed to take products with the standard‘Euro-slot’ hole.  The term sometimes refers to any kind of display prong that products hang from.  These work well on FSDUs.  These are also widely used in general display fixtures in retail environments.


What are Shelf Edge Pricing Strips?Shelf Edge Pricing Strip

Typically a clear plastic strip designed to contain SEL (shelf edge labels) displaying pricing and product details.  The labels can easily be removed and replaced to allow short term promotions and ‘Promotional SEL’ (Promotional Shelf Edge Labels).  Fixed retail shelves often have these, as well as FSDUs.