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Minimum order value only £450.00 for plastic bags.

Frequently asked questions

What sizes do you offer?  There are no set sizes.  We can manufacture whatever size you require.

What is your minimum order quantity?  There is NO minimum order quantity.  However, the more you order, the cheaper it will be.   Generally speaking, below 1000 quantity there is very little reduction in cost at all for these kind of bags, so we would normally quote for quantities of 1000 or more, but if you only need 100, we can quote for 100…

How many can I buy for the minimum order value of £450.00?  This obviously depends on the size, print design, material used, etc.   If the size is large and the print design complex, the setup charges alone may be more than £450.00…

How do I find out prices?  Please simply fill out the enquiry form to the left, and we’ll be right back in touch!

Some of the many brands we have worked with...