Point of Sale Displays, Totems, and Cardboard Cubes

Our POS displays are designed totally bespoke for you, by our expert in-house design team.

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Printed Cardboard Standees

Printed Cardboard Standees are free-standing single sheets of cardboard, normally with a supporting strut at the back, to promote a nearby product.

Standees are normally shaped and printed to represent people, but don’t have to be – the main thing is that they stand out and catch the attention of passing shoppers.

Envoprint provide inventively shaped and unique standees as required, all made in the UK allowing fast production.

Cardboard Exhibition Display Stands and POS

We recently created an amazing cardboard exhibition display including a huge Big Ben and London Eye. See our blog post for further pictures of these cardboard trade show displays.

Printed Cardboard Cubes

Stacking cardboard display cubes are one of the most versatile forms of POS display – see this blog post for an interesting example!

A number of printed cardboard cubes provides an interesting alternative to the classic cardboard totem displays.

Our cubes can be printed on all 6 sides in full colour, and are made bespoke to any exact size you wish.

Cardboard Totem Displays

Bespoke Cardboard Totem displays are a great way to get maximum brand exposure with your retail POS, without taking up prohibitive amounts of floor space.

4 sided printed totem displays are the most common, but the inventive design team at Envoprint can make you 3 sided totems, 6 sided, or whatever custom shape or design you need.

Bespoke Cardboard POS Displays

We involve you in the designing process so your cardboard display meets your exact specifications.

Whatever your brand guidelines, we’ll create a POS point of sale display to suit, and design it to create the maximum impact in the available retail space.

If you are looking for a stand to display your products, see FSDU or CDU

What are POP Displays?

Commonly confused with Pop-up display stands, POP Displays are Point of Purchase display stands or POS advertising, usually near the check-out areas of retail stores to encourage spur-of-the-moment extra purchases.

Our skilled in-house design team can create eye-catching POP display stands to stand out from the crowd – get in touch today to discuss your project with us!

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