Retail Point of Sales Display Stands (POS Displays) and Point of Purchase Display Stands (POP Displays) – 100% Designed and Manufactured in The UK

POS display stands (Point of Sales) and POP display stands (Point of Purchase) display stands for retail. 100% designed and manufactured in The UK.

POS (Point of Sales) Display Stands, Made From Cardboard, Foamex, and Other Materials

Cardboard Point of Sales Display Unsupported Display Shelf  FSDU
Point of Sales Display with bespoke top shelf

Point of Sale display stands made from cardboard are the most common option.

However, we can also manufacture Foamex Point of Sale displays, Correx display stands, and more.

Adding Foamex components to a POS Display Stand adds a touch of class and luxury, allowing intricate cut detail that wouldn’t work so well with cardboard. Foamex cut edges are smooth and seamless unlike corrugated cardboard, so work well if there are complex shaped cut-outs in the stand header or sides allowing for complex bespoke display stand designs.

However, our experienced cardboard engineers can work quite complex designs out of cardboard, as illustrated in the example below:

Bespoke Cut-out FSDU Header and sides, Cardboard Point of Sales Display Stand
Cardboard cut out detail on a POP Display

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POP (Point of Purchase) Display Stands

Open Sided Point of Purchase Display Unit (POP Displays)
Open sided 360 POP Display

Point of Purchase display stands help you to create impulse purchases at the checkout areas within retail stores.

POS display stands and POP display stands are different descriptions for the same thing – they display your product in a retail environment, near to where the sale (or purchase) is made.

Our creative in-house design team will come up with a unique design that best promotes your product and brand, helping you to stand out from the crowd, and catch the attention of retail shoppers as they check out.

UK Manufacturer

Keeping our POS and POP display stand production in-house in our UK factory helps us to deliver the fast turnarounds that the retail display industry demands, with design, production, and delivery possible within a day or 2 of you first contacting us.

Express production of POS stands costs a little more, but standard lead times are still fast if you can’t afford the price of our express production service.

Whatever your design requirements or production timescales, contact our UK sales office today for standard or bespoke POP display stand and POS display stand prices and turnaround times.

What does POS and Point of Sale mean? What are POP Displays and Point of Sales Display Stands?

POS stands for Point Of Sale. POS advertising is any form of advertising in-store that sets out to encourage impulse purchases or increased level of purchases.

Point of Sale Materials and Point of Sale Displays

The phrases POS Materials and POS Displays are more likely to refer to printed in-store marketing pieces that draw attention to the goods sold, that don’t necessarily hold the goods, e.g. shelf wobblers or hanging cardboard displays are examples of point of sale materials.

Point of Sales Display Stands and Point of Purchase Displays and POP Displays

The phrases Point of Sales Display Stands and Point of Purchase Displays and POP Displays tend to refer to displays that hold products for sale.  These are normally placed prominently near the checkout areas within retail stores and therefore encourage additional purchases at the point of purchase of the point of sales.  The main difference between these and FSDUs (Free Standing Display Units) is that FSDUs can be anywhere within a store, whereas POP Displays and Point of Sales Displays are the terms used for cardboard displays positioned near the checkout areas. See our glossary of terms for more definitions.

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