Minimum order value only £300.00 for cardboard envelopes

Frequently asked questions

What is your minimum order quantity?  There is NO minimum order quantity.  However, the more you order, the cheaper it will be.

How many can I buy for the minimum order value of £300.00? 
This depends on the size, print design, material used, etc.   If the
size is large and/or the print design complex, the setup charges alone
may be a lot more than £300.00.  Bespoke sizes tend to have set-up costs
of around £1000.

How do I find out prices?  Please simply fill out the enquiry form to the left, and we’ll be right back in touch!

Available Sizes

The most popular ‘off the shelf’ sizes are listed below.  Other sizes
are available, please enquire if the size you see isn’t listed. 
Cardboard envelopes can actually be made to a specific size, there are
additional setup costs with this option, but if you have a budget of
over £1000, then just let us know the size you prefer and we can match
that exactly.

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