Foamex Counter Top Display Stand printed full colour CDU

Printed Foamex Display Stands

Email recently received from satisfied customer:

Daniel I’ve just seen a Shlurp CDU for first time!

Looks fab! Great work

Pics below.

Foamex Counter Top Display Stand printed full colour CDU


Managing Director

Printed Foamex Display Stands

We trust that the above email and images speak for themselves…  Whether you’re after a small counter top display or CDU like this one, or something larger like a floor standing display unit, our design team are here to help you.  All manufactured in the UK in our state of the art facility in Chesterfield.

We can work with a wide range of materials including cardboard, foamex,  strong honeycomb boards such as Ultraboard Dufaylite, Reboard, Gator Board and Falcon Board; Dibond Aluminium Composite, mdf, correx, and more!

Bespoke Design

Designing the printed foamex display you can see above, took a little time.  We had to create several prototypes and test it with actual samples of the physical product that this client very kindly sent out to us; however, the end result is a perfectly tailored foamex display that does exactly what our customer requires – promotes their product in the best possible manner.

The Complete Service…

Other services we provided for this client included packaging the flat packed displays within bespoke envelopes, printed with our customer’s barcode for easy stock control at their warehouse.  Also we invented the triangular display template that allowed print on all 3 faces, instead of the conventional single display panel with a support strut stuck onto the back.  This new display template is also stronger, easier to assemble, and more sturdy than the traditional designs – created by our design team at no extra cost to our client as part of the order processing!

Get in touch and discuss your bespoke printed display requirements, and we’ll work with your ideas and come up with something stunning!

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