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Printed Gusset Envelopes

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The original and still the best in Gusset Envelope Printing.  Envoprint have perfected some inventive litho print techniques, which allow near-perfect quality printing onto these.  These expandable capacity envelopes are notorious in the industry as being difficult to print onto, so many envelope printers out-source their gusset jobs to Envoprint.

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Look no further – all variations produced and printed in-house

Continuing Innovation from 1995 to 2015 and beyond…

From simple low coverage logo printing, through to high ink coverage.   Bespoke-made gusset envelope manufacture.  Expandalopes.  Expandable Envelopes.  External Seam Expanding Envelopes.  Matt Laminated bespoke-sized capacity envelopes.  Full-colour CMYK print, 1 and 2 colour print, matt laminated, 25mm/50mm/20mm gussets, additional extras like rip strips…  All produced in-house to the highest standards….

How much unprinted border do I have to leave when designing graphics for a printed gusset/capacity envelope?

If we bespoke-make the envelope from a flat sheet, there is no need for an unprinted border.  If volumes are too low to justify the setup costs of a bespoke-making, then for over-printing please allow a border that is at least 2mm greater than half the gusset size, so for example a 25mm gusset envelope will need a 15mm unprinted border for the best quality print.

Envoprint first developed 1 and 2 colour gusset envelope printing back in 1995.  The first exciting breakthrough came in 1999 when Envoprint installed a specially modified 4 colour litho press that could overprint CMYK (full colour) onto these envelopes from tiny DL sizes right through to C3 sizes and larger.  This machine has remained an industry leader, with many trade envelope printers outsourcing their gusseted envelope overprint to us still today.  And the innovation continues, with the addition as recently as 2015 of a digital over-print machine that allows full bleed print with no pressure marks at the gusset seams.  This digital full bleed print method is rather expensive for large volumes, so we recommend a bespoke-made gusset envelope where full bleed print is required if more than 500 are needed.

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We are specialists in printing difficult items such as printed gusset envelopes, board back envelopes, allboard envelopes, jiffy bags.  Contact us directly for the highest quality print standards.

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