Printed Jiffy Bags

Printed Jiffy Bags (also known as printed padded bags, printed bubble bags, printed padded envelopes, etc) offer an excellent combination of convenience and protection.  As well as printing onto on standard paper bubble-lined envelopes, for an unforgettable first impression we also print on metallic bubble bags, plastic coated coloured bubble bags.  Try sending out your samples in a smart printed jiffy bag and see how many more orders you get!  For full bleed printed jiffy bags, full colour printed bubble bags, high quality digital print on bubble bags, look no further…

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Do you want to improve your conversion to order ratio when sending out samples?  Do you want to create a powerful brand impact every time your client receives an item from you in the post?

Everyone knows that jiffy bags are a quick and convenient solution for posting items that require extra protection such as product samples or small fragile goods.  Not everyone realises, however, that Envoprint have perfected a range of printing technologies enabling you to deliver your samples or products with a powerful brand impact.  Put the days behind you when you used to send out your goods or samples in a plain brown or white jiffy bag, and experience the power of a fully branded first impression.

Slim-profile Foam Lined Printed Super Lite Jiffys

Whilst Bubble-lining is the norm for padded bags and Jiffy Bags, Envoprint have now sourced a foam-lined alternative style of padded bag.

The advantages of Foam Lining are as follows:

– Extra-slim profile, giving you more scope to keep your mailings under Royal Mail thickness limits – these are 2 or 3mm thinner than normal bubble lined Jiffy bags

– Space-saving, you can fit many more of these on a pallet due to their slim size, bubble bags are bulky to store but these foam-lined mailer help to solve that problem – these take up around half the space of traditional bubble lined mailers.

– Extra-smooth quality finish, made with a strong white paper outer that has a smoother surface than traditional bubble bags, giving a high quality ‘first impression’ to your mailings.  This extra-smooth finish also allows us to print to an extra high quality as the smooth surface is easier to print onto.

– For higher volume orders, these are available bulk-packed on pallets, in banded flow-wrapped bundles NOT in traditional corrugated cardboard boxes.  This allows us to fit more per pallet, reduces packaging waste, therefore helping the environment and saving on costs at the same time.

Innovative and unique

As far as we are aware, we are the only envelope overprinters able to successfully print on metallic and coloured padded bags, and also the only overprinter offering full bleed print on jiffy bags.

For larger volumes (10,000+), we offer bespoke manufactured printed bubble bags.  A cost-effective solution for larger users who are OK with a longer lead time, or for those who require a bespoke size.

For bespoke sizes in small quantities (from as little as 1000), we can produce a clear laminate bubble bag to your exact size and then overprint with your design – either 100% coverage or we can leave unprinted translucent ‘windows’ to give a tantalising peak at what’s inside!

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We are specialists in printing difficult items such as printed gusset envelopes, board back envelopes, allboard envelopes, jiffy bags.  Contact us directly for the highest quality print standards.

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