Seed Packets and Small Envelopes

Printed Seed Packets and Small Envelopes

Surprisingly, it is very difficult to find anyone making or printing small envelopes. By ‘small’ we mean 100mm square or smaller.

True to style, this has led Envoprint to put a lot of research in the best ways for printing and manufacturing seed packets and smaller envelopes, with the result that we have options suited to both high volume production and smaller quantities too.

Typical uses of smaller envelopes include: Printed seed packets, Donation envelopesReceipt envelopes, token or voucher envelopes, and coin envelopes.

Please see above a few examples of our small printed envelopes and seed packets, and/or get in touch to discuss your own bespoke requirements!

Bespoke Printed Seed Packets (with seeds inside)

We now work with a number of UK seed wholesalers to provide you with the whole package – so not just the outer bespoke-printed seed packet, but supplied to you complete with the seeds sealed inside. Larger seeds such as sunflower seeds are sometimes inserted loose into the main outer envelope; however, smaller seeds such as herbs or wildflower seeds we would buy pre-packet in a foil or glassine sachet, which we then insert into our bespoke-printed outer seed packet envelope. So whether you are a seed merchant and just need the outer packet, or want us to provide the whole packet, seeds and all, please get in touch! 01246 561 506 or, or fill out a quote request form above.

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Printed Seed Packets

Envoprint know how to make all kinds of seed packets. We can make them with formaldehyde free gloss paper or acid free paper so not to contaminate the seeds. We can make large seed packets which are primarily for marketing purposes where retail space saving doesn’t apply and there is a need to maximise the available printed advertising space. We can print flat sheet and convert into envelopes, allowing full bleed print (edge to edge print). We can glue and punch the top section of the seed packet to make euro-slot or euro-hook compatible seed packets for retail. We can supply them with no seal on the flap to allow the use of automatic seed insertion machines.

Manilla recycled seed packet envelopes are becoming increasingly popular, these are normally printed with a simple 1 or 2 colour design with black text, as the brown colour of the envelope tends to dull-down the colours a little on full colour designs – unless of course you are after that ‘antique’ effect. By contrast, full colour printed seed packets with pictures of brightly coloured flowers or similar generally look best if a white envelope is used, this way the paper colour doesn’t interfere with the print design at all.

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We are specialists in printing difficult items such as printed gusset envelopes, board back envelopes, allboard envelopes, jiffy bags.  Contact us directly for the highest quality print standards.

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