SolidKlick® by Envoprint

The Solid-Klick® Floor-Standing Display Unit (FSDU) by Envoprint is a robust design made from corrugated cardboard. It includes a number of unique design features, making it durable and simple to assemble. This design is one of the most popular in our point-of-sale display range and is fully customisable.

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Although they can be made in any size, the most common size has a 600 x 400 footprint, which is standard in many retail environments. The standard height is 1170mm (not including the header), with a 300mm header. This is an efficient size, allowing the unit and shelves to be made with little waste from standard-sized boards.

Recycled and Recyclable

All Envoprint cardboard display stands are built with FSC-sourced cardboard, which contains recycled material. The SolidKlick® can be recycled in standard cardboard recycling streams, after removing the plastic shelf clips.  For a zero-plastic option, see the EcoTab® model.  

Weight Capacity

The SolidKlick® is engineered for medium-level loads, and each shelf is rated to take 7kg (at the most common 600 x 400mm size). The sides are designed in either a double or triple-thickness board to support the total required weight. For heavier loads, we recommend the StrongBar®.           

Profiled Header

The top board is often the most prominent part of the display stand and can be cut straight, curved or in any shape you want, to make your message stand out.

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The Envoprint design team will help you with special features and requirements in our customisation process, such as:

  • Special Shapes – circular, triangular, oval-profile, sloping
  • Special Sizes – each design is accurately built to your custom sizes.
  • Special Finishes – high-gloss, metallic, textured, fabric
  • Accessories – Hanging rails, Product Display Hooks, Shelf-edge Label Holders
  • Alternative materials – foam board, wood, acrylic
  • Special weight capacities
  • Mobile – if you need to be able to move a loaded stand
  • Shadow boards – bespoke cut shelf inserts to match the shape of your products

Ease of Assembly and Dismantling

The unit is designed to be very simple to assemble, requiring no tools or training. The shelves click together with a durable interlocking clip, providing a strong anchor point. Dismantling is also easy, and the units can be collapsed, stored and reassembled many times.


The standard design is made with whiteboard, and fully colour-printed to your design. Coloured boards, foil-coating, gloss finish and many other special effects are all available through our customisation process.

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Point of sales display
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Capacity (per Shelf)*Build SpeedCost
EcoTab®3kg3-4 mins£
SolidKlick®7kg1-2 mins££
FastKlick®7kg< 1 min£££
StrongBar®15kg1-2 mins££££

* Based on the popular 600 x 400mm shelf size.

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