Temporary Desks – Ideal For Home Office, Site Cabin, School or Test Sites

Recyclable Cardboard Temporary Desks

OK, due to the ongoing pandemic, right now, the country may appear to be in a bit of a mess? However, to maintain a positive attitude and be pragmatic, why not make use of our easy to assemble and low-cost products like these temporary desks.

Can you continue running from the comfort of your home or is this a constant dilemma for you? You are not alone, many households have limited space, and no desks available. Solution? Our flat-pack temporary desks!

Strong enough to easily last 3 month or 6 months, there is no let up on requirements as yet another variant – Omicron – brings about further challenging situations. These cardboard temporary desks are an excellent alternative great desk for use in areas such as site Portakabins, in schools, or at Covid-19 testing sites.

Temporary Desks

Made In The UK & Flat Packed

All manufactured here in the UK, these recyclable temporary desks and sustainable cardboard workstations are a no-brainer!

We can ensure short lead-times, as these are produced from stock, and with our central position in Chesterfield, can quickly deliver to any area!

Temporary Desk

Why Temporary Desks Are Popular:

Compact Dimensions

This cardboard desk can fit into any area that will become you office for the coming days/weeks – this desk is 850 mm wide, 620 mm deep and 700 mm tall – so still plenty of space for a desktop PC, laptop, files, doughnuts and whatever else you need!

Easy To Assemble

Without any tools you can quickly assemble these temporary desks, it simply comes in 6 pieces which slot together, no gluing, taping or screwing needed! It only takes a few minutes to set up, so you are ready to go in minutes, and can be moved easily as it is ultra-lightweight at around 3 kg!

Recyclable, Eco-friendly And Sustainable

These 3 words which mean a lot in this ever-greener world! This temporary desk ticks all those boxes, as it is made from sustainable board, and can be recycled with your household waste when the time comes to say goodbye to this friend and return back to your normal office!

Low Cost

If this is only going to be a temporary item, we don’t want to fork out a mortgage. These cardboard temporary desks start at £45 each, but we are happy to offer discounts on purchases of multiple items.

You can see the same idea here with our social distancing barriers kits.

Social Distancing Barriers
Social Distancing Barriers

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