Polling Station Screens – COVID Protection During 2021 Elections in Scotland, England, Wales, UK

Is COVID-19 a Threat to Voters’ Health?

10 days after the USA General Elections Daily New Cases of COVID-19 Jumped from 92,612 cases to 181,196 cases per day.

While the USA allowed mail-in voting, many persons still chose to vote in person. It is not certain that crowded polling stations and social interaction due to more movement of citizens during the elections are solely responsible for the spike in cases, but it is almost certain that it is in some respect responsible. See the CDC advice to USA voters here.

Will UK Elections 2021 Cause COVID to Spread Again?

So, how do we learn from this and what can we do to prevent England’s local elections and the Scottish parliament Holyrood elections from becoming ‘super-spreader’ events in 2021? It would be a great shame if the hardship endured in 2020 and multiple lockdowns were to go to waste in 2021 due to a resurgence from polling station viral contamination.

We think that we have a product that can assist local councils and local government authorities to carry out elections safely.

Polling Station Screens for Electoral Supplies Companies

Envoprint are working with electoral product Suppliers in England, Wales, and Scotland; designing and manufacturing bespoke virus-protection screens for polling stations.

If you are an electoral supplies company looking for a supplier of bespoke polling station screens, we would gladly share our experience and design expertise with you, please get in touch.

Polling Station Screens – A Virus Mitigation Device for Polling Centres

Polling Station Screens, an adaptation of the desk screen divider system supplied by Envoprint, is an economical and ecologically conscious product to assist local governments and councils to carry out elections in a safe manner whilst protecting citizens from viral spread.

Let us be clear. Physical screens are not a solution on their own. Sneeze Screens or Social Distancing Screens in any form or design are only effective when used in conjunction with government and health authority advice, good ventilation, and personal protective equipment.

Bespoke to each council’s requirements!

Two City Councils, including Manchester City Council, recently contacted us for a solution, and we were able to work with them to find a specific solution centred around our office desk divider screen system to protect the health of Manchester voters. These Screens can be printed with the City Councils Logo and any other information that is needed such as the ‘Hands, Face, Space’ Slogan to remind persons to adhere to the rules. We would love to assist other local councils in finding social distancing solutions for their polling stations and centres.

Our desk divider screen system can be adapted and customised to become a Polling Station Screen solution. This system is fully scalable, flat packed, and quickly assembled solution. Whether a polling centre with 10 stations or 100 stations, this screen solution can scale and expand to suit. Another key point of these screens is that they are 100% recyclable once they are no longer needed.

See below some photos of where we have used a similar screen system for a college and offices.

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