Printed Tear Resistant Enduro Gusset envelopes

Waterproof Envelopes (that look great too!)

When you think of the words ‘water-proof envelope’ or ‘water-resistant envelope’ what’s the first thing that springs to mind?

No doubt you assume it needs to have a glossy outer surface, or be made from plastic?

Not so.  If you need a printed waterproof envelope, we have no less than 5 options for you to choose from:

1. A tear-resistant paper envelope.  These envelopes have a special membrane laminated inside the 2 outer layers of paper, this membrane is both water-impermeable and tear-resistant, giving a 2-in-1 waterproof and tear-resistant envelope.  In addition, this option gives the widest range of branding options, because the outer paper surface can be litho printed to a high quality, so a full colour print or pantone printing onto these is no problem at all.

2. A printed bubble bag.  Even the paper-outer bubble-lined envelopes offer a degree of water-resistance, due to the plastic bubble lining, and then our matt metallic, gloss metallic, poly (plastic) outer, and 100% recyclable bubble bags all offer water protection both outside and inside.  These envelopes combine bubble padded protection, waterproof protection, and great looks, see the branded examples on our printed jiffy bags page.

3. A laminated bespoke envelope.  Our bespoke envelopes are available in many different finishes, see our bespoke envelopes page for full details.  The most common waterproof lamination finishes are matt lamination (which gives a subtle luxurious feel), soft touch lamination (great for the ultimate luxury effect, although if sending through the post this finish can scuff and pick up dirt, so is better for presentations and hand-delivery situations), and gloss lamination.  All 3 lamination finishes will create a water-resistant finish, and prior to laminating we can print, emboss, and/or foil the paper beneath for the ultimate presentation.

4. A printed Tyvek envelope.  Tyvek envelopes offer water resistance and tear-resistance all in 1.  They are more difficult to print than our regular tear-resistant envelopes, however, we are one of the few companies able to litho print onto these, and if you want the unique swirly texture and soft feel of tyvek material, and can afford the higher cost, this is a great choice for a waterproof envelope with a difference.

5. Printed plastic (poly) mailing bags.  See our printed plastic mailing bags page for full details.

Too many options?

Speak to our helpful sales team to discuss your needs and we can advise you on what 1 or 2 options are going to work best for your specific requirements, and can help you come up with a solution that is within your budget constraints too.

Get in touch today on 01246 561 500 or email and we’ll be glad to help you further!

Printed Tear Resistant and Waterproof Enduro Gusset envelopes

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