What Uses Are There For A Free Standing Pegboard Display?

Among the scores of retail merchandising projects we get involved in, the free standing pegboard display with its flexibility for locating multiple euro hooks or retail display hooks really stands out.

Pegboard display stand in bespoke layout and colours

In many ways pegboard displays are an advance on the popular FSDU because it can often fit more products in like bags of sweets, batteries, fixings, or stiff packs of just about any grab purchase item.

Another great feature of this type of shop display stands is that spacing can be changed quickly and easily to accommodate the changing seasons and the best format of products. Simply relocate the merchandising display hooks so that products are displayed to best advantage.

Pegboard display stand with retail display hooks for the World Cup football
Freestanding pegboard display stad with euro hooks

Are you a garden centre? It’s a great idea to sell packs of fire lighters in autumn which potentially can be changed to seed packets in the spring.

With Envoprint’s level of experience with major brands from BASF to MacMillians Charity, we can likely take your initial ideas and sketches, improve them, and make something really great.

We are also lifelong learners and will embrace your ideas and enthusiasm for your brand to create and decorate bespoke custom pegboard displays for effective exceeding of your sales targets!

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