The minimum order value is only £350.00 for printed gusset envelopes.

Frequently asked questions

What sizes do you offer?  The most popular sizes are C4 and C5, these are designed to take A4 and A5 documents respectively.  There are many other size gusset envelopes available, e.g. DL (220x110x25mm), C6 (162x114x25mm), C3 (457x324x25mm), 7×10″ (254x178x25mm), 12×10″ (305x250x25mm), 220 square (220x220x25mm) etc!  Most ready-made gusset envelopes have a 1″ (25mm) gusset capacity, however, there are options with larger gussets up to 50mm deep.  We can also manufacture whatever size you require, these are customised and bespoke to your requirements.  Please be aware that the cost of bespoke sizes is usually several times higher than for us to print onto ready-made gusset envelopes in standard sizes.

What is your minimum order quantity?  There is NO minimum order quantity.  However, the more you order, the cheaper it will be.

How many can I buy for the minimum order value of £350.00?  This depends on the size, paper thickness, and print design.   If the size is large, and/or there is a high print coverage, and/or the print is in full colour, the set-up costs alone may come to more than £350.00+VAT.

How do I find out prices?  Please simply fill out the enquiry form to the left, and we’ll be right back in touch!

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