Custom Cardboard Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs)

Custom Cardboard Free Standing Display Units (FSDU) 1
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Custom Cardboard Free Standing Display Units (FSDU) 2

Custom Cardboard Floor Displays

Are you looking for someone to create a custom cardboard display stand from scratch? Maybe you have a clear idea of how your cardboard stand display should look and just want a price?

Either way, you will benefit from our innovative FSDU design team!

Our floor-standing display units design team will take your concept, whether this is a professional 3D visual, a simple hand-drawn sketch, or even just a verbal outline of what products need to be displayed; and then work out the most practical way to construct your FSDU.

Practical aspects such as the weight of your products, the stability of the stepped display unit stand, how long it needs to last in-store, what materials we can afford to use within your budget, etc; will all be considered as we work on your eco-friendly display design.

We can also advise on visual improvements you may want to consider and come up with a totally unique custom-made cardboard display stand that really gets you noticed!

Bespoke Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) are the perfect way to create a fully branded oasis within a crowded retail environment.  Your product can shine without the surrounding clutter of rival brands, and you can guarantee your product will always be presented in the same way due to the stand’s unique design.  ‘Off fixture display’ (or OFD) is simply another term used to describe a free-standing cardboard display unit.

Envoprint’s bespoke cardboard floor display stands are built to last. We use premium grades of cards, build strength into the key strain points, use special moisture-resistant coatings, etc.  Helping you to stand out from the crowd, custom-built FSDU stands greatly promote impulse buying and assist consumers in selecting the product amidst an abundance of alternatives.

Isle end stands are particularly sought after, and Envoprint will work with you and the retailer every step of the way to ensure you achieve this.

Bespoke To Your Needs

Every project is unique – some FSDUs like perfume display stands require a glossy high-end finish, whereas others, like one for 5-litre tins of paint or small tubs of rat poison, for example, strength and durability are the number 1 requirement for a floor-standing display unit.

You don’t have to wait several weeks for your shipment to arrive by sea, only to find it is not quite what you ordered. In-house manufacturing allows ultra-fast turnaround times, including prototypes and mock-ups within a day or two, and 100% quality control.

Using cardboard is an eco-friendly display option as it is easily recycled when you no longer require the stand.

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Design Services For FSDU’s

Our in-house design team can work from a simple brief and design an efficient display stand, provide a 3D visual for feedback, and create all the artwork and templates for approval. Optional physical mock-ups are also available.

Optionally, we can conduct market research with retailers and potential users, and align our findings with your objectives.

All designs balance aesthetic appeal with practicality, ensuring ease of assembly and durability; we produce high-quality artwork and templates from a brief.

Click here for a glimpse of our floor-standing display designs.

Manufactured In-House In The UK

We have no standard cardboard stand display unit designs that we stock, instead, we tailor each stand to best promote your product or service as this video presentation of a bespoke BASF-branded FSDU unit with cut-out header shows:

Our Standard FSDU Design Range

Whilst a custom-made FSDU may cost fractionally more than an off-the-shelf display unit, the results pay for themselves many times over. We are specialist suppliers for FSDU units in Leeds, London, Manchester, Bristol and all over the UK.

If you don’t need a totally bespoke display stand, we recommend you take a look at our range of standard FSDU designs.

100% Bespoke FSDU Designs – Inspiration From Our Projects

Want to see more? – See our FSDU Gallery

FSDU Design Services

With a custom-designed FSDU, you have full control of how your product is presented to your potential customers.

Some of our clients are able to send us finished artwork, set out on a cutter guide template for their display stand, that is virtually print-ready.  However these clients are very much in the minority, so we offer different levels of design service according to your requirements:

Our 3-star design service includes an initial consultation to assess your ideas (after all you know best what you want to achieve and the requirements of your target clients), we then create a practical, strong, easy-to-assemble template (which is of course our area of expertise as that’s what we do all-day every-day).  We can then send you a 3D visual of how this will look, and if you are happy with this, we then send you a template for the printable areas of the stand for you to set out your artwork.  Once we have this back from you we will then create a further 3D visual including the print design.  If required, a physical prototype can be produced and sent to you at any stage during the design process, this is a chargeable extra, however, usually, all or part of this charge will be credited later when you go ahead with the bulk order for a number of cardboard display stands.

Our 4-star design service includes everything in the 3-star service above, the difference being we also design the print graphics to go on the stand, using any images/logos/text you may supply, we’ll take your suggestions on how it should look and work with these. However, if you want to give us a free hand we’ll add in a few extra features you may not have thought of and create something really stunning that sells hard for you and promotes your brand image.  If you don’t have a specific idea in mind about how the stand should look, then as part of our 4-star design service we can create a brand-new design concept from scratch, to display your items in the most effective and practical way.

Our top-level 5-star design service includes everything in our 4-star service but goes deeper at the initial consultation stage. Not only will we discuss your needs very carefully, but we will conduct in-depth market research on your behalf, speaking to both the retailers and the potential end users you are trying to reach as needed, to assess the retailer’s requirements and desires and motivation drivers of your target audience.  We will then present back to you the results of our research and our proposals leading out from the data collected, to check it fits with your industry knowledge and the goals you wanted to achieve with the FSDU display unit.

As well as being beautiful or striking to look at; all of our floor-standing display designs incorporate many practical design features, your requirements for needing an FSDU that is easy to assemble, stable, strong, and durable, are all carefully considered.

Click here to view the kind of visual we can create for you after designing a floor-standing display unit…

Perfume Display Stand

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FSDU Fulfilment

No matter how you prefer to have your display stands supplied, we can oblige…  Sometimes we supply them flat-packed in bulk.  Sometimes we ship your free-standing display units flat within protective outer cardboard sleeves, ready to be sent on to retailers individually.  Sometimes we fully assemble them and supply them in larger boxes ‘ready-to-go’.  And sometimes we not only fully assemble them, but we also load your goods onto them, for a complete FSDU fulfilment service.  So if you require us to deliver your FSDUs to multiple retailer addresses, already stocked and loaded, just let us know…

Expertise, Artistic Design, and Rigorous Testing

We believe these are the things that set Envoprint apart. All our FSDU stands are custom-built to your exact requirements.  Envoprint can guide you through the regulations of the retail environment, weight test for durability, help you select the correct euro hooks for your product, advise on mop trays to prevent the cleaner lady from making your stand go soggy, fit shelves to the size of your products, brainstorm the best way to display pricing and offers, etc!

High-speed prototype production is another service Envoprint offers, even a complex floor-standing display unit can be produced in just a few days, allowing you to meet tight deadlines for exhibitions, and retail tender opportunities, or simply just help you to keep your marketing manager happy!  Having a stand look good on paper is quite different from seeing and handling a physical sample.  A prototype is often the only way to ensure the design concept is actually going to work in real life, particularly where visionary new design concepts are used.

Whilst 100% cardboard display stands are most popular; we can also create foamex free-standing display units, correx floor standing display units, or design FSDUs using a mixture of these and other materials to give the best combination of appearance, strength, and cost-effectiveness.  For example, our free-standing tablet stands are proving very popular, these are constructed mainly of cardboard but have a tamper-proof foamex insert at the top to prevent theft of the touch-screen tablet that we build into the stand.  The cardboard and foamex tablet stand also have weights in the base for incredible stability – we’ll source whatever materials are needed to make your stands 100% fit for purpose!

A recent 3-storey expansion within our Chesterfield production facility in 2016 makes us one of the most advanced FSDU manufacturers in the UK!

What Should I Expect To Pay For An FSDU Display?

Another commonly asked question!!  Prices range from as little as £15 to over £400 depending on a number of factors, including:

a)  The quantity required

b)  How much design time is needed – simple copy-cat ‘I want one like that one’ stands don’t need much design time, but a really stunning ‘Wow, I’ve never seen a stand like that before’ takes a lot longer. This is because not only do we put a lot of effort into getting them to look right, but we also extensively test all our new designs in real life, to ensure they are strong and easy to assemble, as well as looking great!

c)  Print coverage and special finishes such as lamination and reflective foils

d)  Accessories required, such as euro hooks, mop trays, pricing strips, and any bespoke fixtures that we include as part of the display stand design

Our helpful sales team can give you quick rough indications of cost to help you in your decisions if it is only an idea at this stage, or else they can give you a fully costed proposal if you already have a clearer idea of what you are after and are looking for the right supplier for your requirements.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!  FSDUs are for sale here!

For your own bespoke display stand quotation, please get in touch on 01246 561 500 or email

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