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Printed Tyvek Envelopes

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We are one of the few litho printers in the country able to achieve great results printing onto Tyvek envelopes in up to 4 colours.  We also have a special tear-resistant envelope, with a laminated waterproof layer and paper outer surfaces, that we can print virtually any design onto.

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What are Tyvek Envelopes?

Alternative tear-resistant envelopes…

Tyvek envelopes have many special applications; they have a luxurious unique textured finish and are virtually impossible to tear, are water-proof, and also very light.  There are some instances where the Tyvek branded envelopes are not the best option, for example if you don’t want any Tyvek branding visible on the envelope, or if the ink coverage is particularly heavy.  We can print 1, 2, 3, or 4 colour (CMYK full colour) onto Tyvek envelopes, however, if the ink coverage is heavy we may advise alternative options for the best quality.

Tyvek envelopes come in many sizes including some with gusset capacity up to 51mm.  Envoprint can print on large and small Tyvek envelopes, any size up to C3 is no problem.

Tyvek envelopes are always white.  Their unique texture is very similar to the GM Smith ‘Twist’ range of papers.  Tyvek envelopes therefore make an excellent companion to a direct mail item such as a folder that is made of GF Smith Twist.

A popular alternative to Tyvek envelopes is our special tear-resistant paper envelopes.  These are tear resistant, water impermeable, burst resistant, grease proof and fully overprintable.  They look and feel just like ordinary envelopes, until you try to tear them or damage them in any way!  With their paper outer surface, we can achieve high-quality print even on high coverage designs.  Our unique litho printing method allows 4 colour printing with bleed and near perfect register.

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We are specialists in printing difficult items such as printed gusset envelopes, board back envelopes, allboard envelopes, jiffy bags.  Contact us directly for the highest quality print standards.

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