Perfume Display Stands

With our bespoke design capabilities and outstanding high-definition print to showcase your brand, you will find that our perfume display stands are a good investment. Based in Chesterfield, UK, we are a manufacturer who does not hold ‘stock’ units but instead design and manufacture everything to order for some of the leading perfume brands.

Examples Of Recent Projects:

A retail display unit for perfume typically uses high-end luxury materials such as metallic or mirror-effect cardboard with a full-colour CMYK glossy digital print and possibly paper-over-board wrap. Using cardboard is an eco-friendly option and we think we can honestly claim to be wizards with what we can do with it; we do, however, use plastic or Foamex in construction as well if needed.

An easy-to-reach height for passing consumers to reach out and sample the product on the perfume display stands is important and we can help you with every step of the design with this.

When you visit a retail store like Boots you will find that at the end of virtually every aisle there are display stands for makeup, perfumes cosmetics, etc, and the high value of these products makes it worth creating an interesting and luxurious display unit to house them.

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Perfume Display Stands

The lightweight nature of these products facilitates creative designs, with few restraints relating to shelf weight-bearing requirements. Top perfume brands require eye-catching displays to justify the high price tag of a bottle and keep their brand out in front of the others.

With our 100% custom design approach we are an excellent supplier and manufacturer of floor standing and countertop displays that need a strong wow-factor to stand out.

No matter how complex or luxurious the design is that you have in mind, please give us a call on 01246 561 500 or email to discuss your thoughts and we will be pleased to support you.

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