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The latest innovation from Envoprint, these cough guards and sneeze screens are to help prevent the spread of viruses like Covid-19. The cough guard sneeze screens are made from cardboard or Foamex and a recycled clear PET plastic screen. Custom sneeze guards like these are ideal for use in retail environments and other public venues like hospitals, surgeries and shops and service stations where interaction is necessary.

Ask the Envoprint team for help and advice on how to comply with the current Government social distancing guidelines for workplaces.

As a UK manufacturer of these sneeze screens, our sneeze guard for counter units can be made in virtually any size or shape and to order including floor standing sneeze screens. The counter cough guard screens are recyclable, portable, printable, lightweight, and protective – all to ensure you can keep serving customers!

These high-quality cough guards are perfect for printing with your logo and as trade printers we can undertake this for you in a swift and professional manner as well as manufacturing the counter top cough guard sneeze screens themselves.

Cough Guard Sneeze Screens

Key Benefits of our Screens

  1. These sneeze screens are a low cost, simple option that can be made to any shape and size to ensure they fit your counter or desk specifically. Fully manufactured here in the UK, these screens are ideal to help slow the spread of Coronavirus.
  2. The clear window is made from an easy clean Recycled PET, a clear plastic material that can be wiped down regularly to ensure its surface is clean and coronavirus free!  The support is made from a coated corrugated cardboard, an easily recyclable item, so great for temporary use – and the coated surface means this is water-resistant, and in addition, these can be laminated to provide an easily wipeable surface.
  3. Size – we can custom manufacture them in any size and shape of sneeze guards needed, to ensure the customer and staff are fully protected, and the item can fit suitably into your current environment and brand. We can also produce these in various quantities, to ensure that all your shops are protected.
  4. Personalisation – fully designed, manufactured, and printed here in the UK, we can offer full personalisation and printing with your logo, from corporate branding, retail offers, and general health notices
  5. The cardboard and plastic sneeze screens are easily portable, as they are supplied flat-packed, so can be moved around tills, or placed in different areas with ease, and can also be placed in front of products that may be vulnerable, such as uncovered food.

Fully Recyclable

Our unique and popular range of screens are made from recyclable cardboard and recyclable clear plastic, making them a great choice for construction sites and other applications where a temporary, disposable, and recyclable social distancing screen solution is required.

Major UK contractors such as Wilmott Dixon, and suppliers to the construction industry like Interfix have come to Envoprint for their sneeze guards and social distancing screens for building sites and in site cabins. Our portable sneeze guard folds and arrives flat so are a great solution where a movable screen is needed.

And our custom manufacture of sneeze screens allows us to create custom portable sneeze guard solutions for every application – contact our design team for ideas and prices on bespoke screens tailored to your exact requirements.

Types Of Screen

Traditionally sneeze screens were used mainly in the foodservice sector, as buffet sneeze guards or food sneeze guards. With the advent of the Coronavirus epidemic in 2020, cough guards became much more widely used, virtually every retail outlet and public venue now requires them to allow safe operation, and they are increasingly being installed and used in offices, industrial environments, schools, and universities.

This explosion of usage following COVID-19 has led to a wide range of custom styles being produced, as follows:

Social Distancing Screens

Sneeze screens used specifically for combating the transmission of SARS-2-CoV Coronavirus are often known as social distancing screens. The main difference is that sneeze screens are primarily thought of as screens that protect food in buffet environments, whereas a portable sneeze guard is often placed on customer service counters, office and classroom desks, or wherever people need to be separated.

Sneeze Screens To Protect Food

Using traditional cough guard screens is more relevant than ever, to reduce infection in crucial areas where prepared food is out on display.

Cough Guards

As the main symptom of COVID-19 is coughing many people have started to refer to sneeze screens as cough guards, they are the same thing.

Floor Standing Sneeze Guards

Whilst counter-top screens are by far the most popular choice, some public venues require a floor standing option, which Envoprint are able to manufacture in house. Floor standing sneeze screens guarantee compliance with the government’s recommended minimum height which is “above head height” – if you have any questions please call us on 01246 561 500 to discuss.

Sneeze Guard For Counter

A sneeze guard four counter also provide the required “above head height” protection and the counter top screens that we manufacture are generally free-standing (require no fixings or adhesive). And are therefore highly effective as a portable sneeze guard leaving no damage on permanent fixtures if used as a temporary screen. We do also offer interlocking and modular sneeze screen options, all custom made in-house to order.

Transaction Countertop Screens

The main difference between a transaction counter sneeze guard and a conventional counter top cough guard is that these have a cut out at the base, to allow cash and card payments or other ‘transactions’ to take place. Similar sneeze screens are also used in other outlets like nail or beauty parlours.

Desk Divider Screens

Our desk dividers are foldable, lightweight, and 100% portable and recyclable, these handy desk screens are great for schools, universities and colleges. Anyone who moves around and wants to take their own portable desk screen with them. See our portable desk screen blog post for further details.

Sneeze guard for counter

For a 3D interactive visual of the Covid Sneeze Screen, click the link below


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