Paper Over Board Boxes

We have many years of experience in design and manufacture of paper over board boxes in an incredible range of shapes, sizes, brands, and colours. This makes us unique as a partner to oversee your bespoke presentation boxes in control of the whole design and manufacturing process.

In a world where human interaction is declining and high street shops closing and e-commerce surging, luxury boxes are becoming a popular option to re-connect with customers offline and make a memorable impression at the same time.

Paper Over Board Boxes
Paper Over Board Boxes

Influencer marketing is a growing way of showcasing products and spreading brand awareness.

Businesses will send their products to a Social Media Influencer who is often a celebrity who will do videos and posts about the product and its benefits.

These products are usually sent in the most premium of presentation boxes, to really wow everyone, both the influencer, and all their followers.

Laroc Cosmetics really implemented this on a recent launch of a new make-up palette, so enjoy the following in-focus photos below of their influencer boxes.

Paper Over Board Boxes

What Are Paper Over Board Boxes?

These boxes are made by wrapping premium papers around a solid board structure, to create a strong, seamless, luxury box finish, with no cut card edges showing.

Regarded as the top level of luxury in bespoke box manufacturing, this method of box production also allows for special features such as concealed magnet closures, seamless clear windows, and small details that would be difficult to produce using corrugated card.

They offer both the stiffness and rigid quality feel that any seller of watches or perfume for example would desire as well as good protection of the goods and an outstanding medium to print with your logo, brands, and messages on the paper surround.

Brands can achieve sales at a higher price point and grow the client’s loyalty to your brand by using these boxes. The passion you have for your products will surely be conveyed in the way you pack it.

The internal board is usually recycled board (also known as chipboard) – a dense material that is both strong and slim at the same time. Typical thicknesses include 1000micron (1mm), 1500micron (1.5mm), or 2000micron (2mm) – so compared to corrugated cardboard boxes which are often 3 or 5mm thick and up to 1cm thick where the card joins and overlaps these are a neater and more premium option than conventional cardboard boxes.

Textured (embossed) papers (including the GF Smith range of Colorplan papers), embossing, foiling, spot UV, matt lamination, gloss lamination, full colour CMYK print, ribbons, bespoke inserts and dividers, and many other finishes are available for a completely customised high-end box design. Consequently, paper over board boxes have a wide range of premium uses, as shown in the pictures here.

Bespoke Boxes

If you require an impressive custom presentation box that is totally unique and designed just for you, Envoprint are a great fit for your needs, please call 01246 561 506.

Staff and customer rewards, end of year thank-you gift packaging, welcome pack boxes, influencer packs, sample display boxes, product launches etc – the uses are endless, as is the experience you leave on the client!

Options that we offer are also comprehensive – hinged lid, lift-off lid, shoulder boxes, clamshell boxes etc – all create an impressive unboxing experience to your clients.

Quality Finishes

We can manufacture your presentation boxes in a variety of papers and boards, then finish these in a variety of techniques, to create the exact effect you require!

These can include full colour print, foiling, gloss lamination, matt lamination, ribbons, embossing, debossing, foam lining and shaped inserts.

Put envoprint to the test!

Have you seen something in our portfolio you need for your next project, or want something completely different! Put us up to the Challenge! Contacting us today with your requirements and ideas is all we need to get started!

We are specialists in printing difficult items such as printed gusset envelopes, board back envelopes, allboard envelopes, jiffy bags.  Contact us directly for the highest quality print standards.

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