Mother’s Day - An FSDU Opportunity? 2

Mother’s Day – An FSDU Opportunity?

We feel that adding seasonal originality to your bespoke POS displays is important; in this blog we look at the potential of Mother’s Day as a theme for floor standing display units. A bespoke Free Standing Display Unit – or FSDU for short – has always been a great way to create a branded impact within a shop or retail environment like forecourts or duty-free outlets.

However, you must consider – does yours stand out? Is it really fulfilling potential? Is it connecting with new target markets that you hadn’t thought of?

Above you can see displays we have built at our Chesterfield factory themed around Mother’s Day.

What about Mother’s Day as a thought-provoking opportunity? Do your products have potential to be sold more in the run up to May 8th/9th?

Maybe you are a garden centre or a supplier to garden centres and for years the seeds packet and fertiliser packet cardboard display units have done well but how about husbands or children looking for something for mum?

Products can stand out as ‘different’ and outshine surrounding brands as the seasonal focus on early May can be anticipated right back before you are putting your Easter FSDUs out and have a simple focus to increase sales and brand impact.

Our bespoke cardboard stands display units are built to last with premium grades of card and special moisture-resistant coatings. They fold flat so that they are easy to both deliver to site and to store until you need them next spring! You can see a 3D visual moving model example below.

GreeenPlus Tesco Pallet Shipper Mothers Day Project 3D Visual

Helping your goods stand out from the crowd with custom-built FSDU stands promotes impulse buying and assists consumers in selecting a product amidst a choice of alternatives.

Envoprint will work with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve your POS objectives. Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss ideas.

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