Cosmetic Displays

Every cosmetic display is different and distinctive. At Envoprint, we have a long history of showcasing make up, cosmetics, and perfume, for leading brands with CDU or FSDU product display stands.

Generally designed bespoke for every client, these displays hold fast moving, often high-value products, at the critical stage when people pass and make an impulse purchase.

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An eye-catching brand message and careful consideration of layout is very important with a cosmetic display to drive a tangible sales increase for the retail outlet.

Utilising our design team and advanced high-definition printing machines at our Derbyshire factory means we have full UK manufacturing control and the ability to express produce on short lead times if required.

Cosmetic Display

We provide a bespoke merchandising solution, creating design concepts, mock-ups, and making of cosmetic displays with the high quality that the POS trade has come to expect from our family-run business.

Cosmetics Display

When we design a cosmetic display – like our Michael Kors perfume project for example – or for a particular promotion at a certain time of year we will always give careful thought to factors like:

  • Proportions – can products be seen in the best light? And remembered?
  • Visual Impact – critical for brand impact.
  • Materials – what’s the best value through its life cycle?
  • Dimensions – footprint, height to catch the eye, height for easy grab?
  • Merchandising Stands – will the display drive sales?
  • Environmental Respect – are the materials eco-friendly and recyclable?

As cosmetics are lightweight, the POS displays for this sector are generally made from cardboard which can be transformed into a luxury material by using metallic paper wrap and full-colour glossy digital print.

Cosmetic Display

We also produce in Foamex, plastic, and metal or in some cases in a combination of these as brackets and fixings.

There are options to be very creative without the need for heavy materials, with the bonus of being recyclable, and we will work with you to meet your storage capacity objectives for the display.

Helping a host of brands large and small with product display stands to merchandise successfully and stand out in retail outlets is what we do.

With years of experience in merchandise stands and hundreds of successful projects under our belts, we are sure we can assist you!

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